Week 5&6 in the AFL

Hey everyone, sorry I have been slacking on my blog.. no excuse I just didn’t do it..I hope to make up for it. It’s deffinately coming to an end here, I believe we have one more week and no better way to end it than playing for first place and hoping to make it to the championship.

On the ball field things have slowed down a bit. We’ll win some and lose some but that’s how the game goes. I was able to have my family and my girlfriend, now fiance, come out and get to see me play. It’s always good to see family when you have been away from home for so long. Back to baseball, for those who want to know how John Raynor is doing, I don’t know much, he did have a fracture of his hand and I would believe he is home and probably doing some hunting. When you near the end of a season you find out what your teammates are really made of. Whether or not they are ready to go home or want to stay and play for a championship.

Myself, I have been doing well. I did get hit in the face by a baseball playing catch with Tim Wood but I’m ok. I’ve seen the Doctor and had X-Rays. So far so good. I’m hoping to get a couple more innings while I’m here and I want to finish a strong as I can. I know this isn’t much of a report but it’s all I have at the time. Feel free to ask questions. Thanks, Todd

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